Most people understand that in order to lose weight you need to create a deficit in the amount of calories taken in relative to the amount of calories you burn. To be effective this strategy needs to be adhered to with consistency and persistence over time. Then to maintain your desired weight you need to find balance in calorie intake and output.

Calorie restriction is one approach to achieve this goal. Restricting types of foods eaten is another popular approach employed by many popular diets. A balanced approach, as no doubt many of you at Red Zone have taken on, is to both create a calorie deficit by restricting calories while at the same time cranking up the amount of calories burned by increasing activity level and intensity of the activities you participate in. This balanced approach when sustained over time is a tried and true method for shedding pounds and keeping them off once you’ve achieved your desired goal weight.

The challenge for many is knowing how many calories you should consume based on current activity level, age, sex, medical condition, etc…  Also, making sure that the calories restricted aren’t also adversely affecting your intake and balance of macronutrients, (carbs, protein, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Are you sure that the popular diet that you’ve taken on isn’t stimulating weight lose while simultaneously robbing you of essential nutrients and your overall state of good health long term?

If you’d like help assessing your diet and intake of calories and nutrient intake I am more than happy to help! Message me or ask Greg at Red Zone how to set up a free assessment.

To your good health!



Eric S Lee

Stress Relief Coach

If it cost you your peace, its too expensive!