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Quick Healthy Meals – A New Take on “Fast Food”

Who Needs the Drive Thru? With a well-planned, well-stocked kitchen, you can make these meals in the time it would take you to go to the fast food drive-thru. One of the greatest challenges my clients face is time. Having enough time to satisfy all of [...]

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The Two Surprisingly Effective and Indispensable Keys to Weight Loss and Fitness

Nearly 170 million Americans are overweight or obese? That is almost 42 percent of the adult population. If you are not yourself overweight or obese you probably have a family member know someone who is. For as long as I can remember health and fitness has [...]

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Why You Need Both Strength And Cardio

Trying to find a workout routine that fits into your already packed schedule can be challenging. When faced with this dilemma, many of us attempt to solve the problem by choosing either cardio training or strength training. And not without precedent — even within the fitness world, you [...]

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10 Benefits Of Group Personal Training

Humans are nestled at the top of the food chain above sharks, gorillas, tigers, and eagles. According to evolutionist Charles Darwin, we are at the top of the food chain because we learn to collaborate more effectively. Darwin could have easily been talking about the benefits of [...]

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How A Heart Rate Monitor Can Be Beneficial To Your Workouts

Technology has made data experts of all of us, especially when it comes to exercising. Where just a few years ago most of us had no idea exactly how many steps we took in a day, how far we ran or what our pace was, wearable [...]

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The Importance of Nutrition In Your Overall Health Journey

Most people understand that in order to lose weight you need to create a deficit in the amount of calories taken in relative to the amount of calories you burn. To be effective this strategy needs to be adhered to with consistency and persistence over time. [...]

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