Let’s Get a Jump On Planning a Healthy Easter 

With Easter less than a week away, time is running out to put in place a strategy to make sure that you are set up for success and that you are continuing to build momentum towards a healthy, vibrant summer. 

On Monday I reminded you all about the importance of planning to set yourself up for success. I give you ideas for both planning for when you are invited over to family and friends and also for when you are putting on your own special holiday meal at home. 

Just take a look at Monday’s email or Facebook post if you missed it.

Today, follow the link to get some ideas and recipes for healthy options for healthy side dishes. This will be especially helpful if you are invited over to relatives and want to provide everyone (especially yourself) with a healthy alternative. It will be your ace in the hole.

With this, you’ll increase your likelihood of success with your nutritional goals exponentially!

Click the button below for a list of “20 Easter Dinner Sides prepared in 25 Minutes or Less” to give you some ideas.

To Your Good Health!


Health and Wellness Coach


20 Easter Dinner Sides prepared in 25 Minutes or Less